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Silent disco should be so much more than just

"people dancing around with headphones on..."

That statement sums up our perspective our attitude for every performance...and our DJs are the key.

Besides being Southern California's original & only locally owned silent disco company...The Silent DJ is literally the only silent disco company using full time event DJs, each with a minimum of 15 years experience entertaining crowds of all age ranges. Currently, the music at most if not all silent discos is EDM & House music. We love EDM but, c'mon...just EDM? We've never performed anywhere where the everyone liked only one type of music, which is why  our DJs always play a mix of Top 40, Hip-Hop, Disco, Old School...and yes, House music so there's always something for everyone. Our DJs also work together on every performance to co-ordinate collective sing-a-longs, conga lines and group dances that bring a truly unique shared experience like no other; honestly...when's the last time you sang "Dancing Queen" with 300 strangers?


If you've tried silent disco in the past, we'll bet you never experienced anything like here and check out some past events & see what we mean:


What we do

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